COTI to Be the Official Djed Issuer for Cardano

Djed is a new stablecoin by Cardano, a public blockchain platform. Djed, the algorithm-based stablecoin, uses smart contracts for price stabilization. Therefore, the coin can be used for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services. Djed keeps a base of reserved coins within the Cardano ecosystem. It is also operated by minting and burning the stablecoins and reserve […]

Cardano established a deal with Dish Network

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson unveiled his deal with Dish Network. Dish will use the Cardano Blockchain to make their services better and more secure.  On 26 September, Cardano 2021 summit was held. In the summit, Cardano team established many deals with the big brands and companies to expand the Cardano ecosystem and use cases. Most […]