You Can Be a Bitcoin Maximalist and Like Ethereum, Too

Toxic bitcoin maximalism has been within the highlight. For the previous few days famous bitcoin booster Udi Wertheimer has been kicking the cyber hornet’s nest, difficult a non-dominant opinion in a number of the on-line areas bitcoiners congregate that bitcoin is the one, true crypto asset. “[K]nowingly pushing folks away from bitcoin [in] the brief […]

As A Gesture Of Good Will, Crypto Miner Returns 7626 Ethereum (Worth $23.7 Million) Incorrectly Paid Transaction Fee Back to Deversifi

Yesterday, TheCryptoBasic reported that Crypto exchange Bitfinex paid $23.7 million in transaction fees to send $100,000 of tether (USDT) in what was presumably a bit of a slip up. Read Details: Bitfinex Spent $23.7 Million In Fees To Transfer 100,000 USDT In A Single Ethereum Transaction The transaction was sent from one of Bitfinex’s main […]