5 most promising neo-banks that will change the finance industry

To date, there are about 220 neobanks registered in the world, that operate in two main areas: neobanks for business (Biz) and neobanks for teenagers (Teens). Most often, such platforms offer services for a specific audience, without taking into account the needs of other users. Nevertheless, several fundamentally new cross-financial platforms have appeared on the market, which combine the Biz & Teens sectors, as well as traditional and non-traditional finance. If you are looking for exactly such neobanks, then you should pay attention to the following projects.

Grow Bank is a Swiss neobank that combines traditional and crypto-finance. In its activities, the platform is more focused on average investors who consider neobanks as a tool for making profit and managing finances. Using the DAO model, investors can redeem project tokens, thereby forming a pool of liquidity, the funds of which are subsequently distributed among startup projects in the field of crossfay, and investors themselves receive profit from the activities of these companies.

At the same time, neobank makes it possible to make international transfers using IBAN accounts, as well as send transactions in cryptocurrency. At the moment, Grow Bank supports 64 fiat currencies and more than 20 popular cryptocurrencies.

Revolut is one of the first cross-financial banks in the world, its services are currently used by over 12 million people around the world. The developers have tried to combine crypto-finance and traditional banking products on one platform, taking into account the needs of business and ordinary users.

For the personal needs of users, Revolut offers debit cards, crypto wallets with a high degree of protection, money transfers in fiat currencies and cryptomonets, management of group accounts, registration of tourist insurance and much more.

For corporate clients, Revolut provides services such as opening and managing multi-currency accounts, cross-border payments and transfers, cost control and much more.

MinePlex is an innovative cross-fi project that combines the stability and liquidity of traditional financial instruments with the security and transparency of blockchain technology. The creators of the platform have fully taken into account the needs of users and offer a wide range of products, both for payments, and for investing and making a profit. Today, you can pay with a MinePlex crypto bank card at gas stations, in stores and restaurants, pay for the purchase of air tickets and hotels, state duties and applications. Special functionality allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat ones in one click and vice versa, as well as make transfers in fiat currencies through Visa or MasterCard payment systems or in cryptocurrencies.

Wirex is a platform that allows you to manage both fiat and cryptocurrency accounts simultaneously. The platform is more focused on working with private clients than with business, and offers a wide range of services for personal use. For example, users can open currency accounts and crypto wallets in one place, make payments and cross-border transfers, both in crypto and fiat currencies, exchange cryptocurrencies, as well as issue a debit card that supports 21 fiat currencies and the most popular cryptocurrencies and instantly converts funds into the necessary ones at the payment point.

A simple and intuitive interface helps even the most inexperienced users to open an account or create a crypto wallet in just a few clicks.

Change-this crossfile platform is recognized as the easiest to use, as it offers a minimum of functions with the most intuitive interface. The banking platform allows customers to exchange, buy and sell bitcoins, open bank accounts with a minimum deposit, as well as manage all funds in one click. Also, the developers of Change offer investment programs that are designed mainly for holders of cryptomonets, and also allows you to invest in Estonian startups and make a profit from their activities. The minimum investment amount is set at 10 euros.

Today, more than 70 thousand people from 30 countries of the world are users of Change.


Neo-banks with cryptocurrency support have already become an integral part of the global financial system. The popularity of crossfire solutions is primarily due to the gradual adoption and spread of cryptocurrencies among users. Neo-banks will become a bridge between traditional and crypto-finance, opening up new opportunities for investing, earning, payments and managing funds in general.


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