Are NFT Avatars Like Novatars a New Trend or It’s Something to Stay?

NFT avatars Novatars are the blockchain-based generated avatars to serve as users meta identity in a new digital world. 

Тhe flexibility and decentralization of the blockchain technology promise to transform the metaverse experience by allowing identities in the form of Novatar to be established and move freely between immersive virtual worlds. 

The first-ever aging Novatars in the form of NFT babies can be bought and aged to become one’s digital face in various Metas. Moreover, Novatar also serves as users’ NFT membership card and digital self as access to members-only privileges, such as various events, platform-based benefits, and digital existence in evolving social media.

Moreover, the Novatar is a limited collection of 25K NFT baby avatars that are perfectly fit for presenting anyone in various Metas and evolving social networks. 

The Novatar is the first NFT avatar platform of aging NFTs. The creators implemented the first aging technology for a blockchain. All 25K Novatars are in the form of newborn babies, which can grow after minting. 

NFT baby Novatar owners can decide whether to age the Novatar or not. However, the aging process is irreversible: once grown, Novatars will stay adults forever. 

Baby avatars have 9 basic/mandatory genes with 6 variations in each gene. Adult Novatars have 14 genes with 10 basic and 4 optional genes with  11 variations in each gene.

Some of the genes are optional so they might appear or not. Novatars with professions will be considered very rare. Novatars can be homo or heterosexuals. All the images will be stored in IPFS and all commercial rights are given to their owners.

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