Atlas Asia Has Launched the First NFT Vending Machine in Malaysia

In conjunction with the 59th anniversary of Malaysia Day, ATLAS Vending has introduced the first-of-its-kind non-fungible badge or NFT automate apparatus to provide 13 local NFT artists with the opportunity to market and sell their original artworks that incorporate local talent and art for RM59 each.


The First Malaysia’s NFT Vending Machines by Atlas Asia

Together with 13 Artists representing Their Home State

The Campaign will be running for 3 months starting September

Venue : RexKL, Lvl 1
Have good weekend everyone!!

— RoachPunks (@RoachPunks) September 17, 2022

From September 16 to December 16, 13 intensely branded automat machines represented by artists and their works were set up at REXKL, says Kalithasan Sothinathan, senior manager of marketing and ancillary sales.

Why This Initiative?

In light of the Sapot SME attack’s success last year, which was aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses recover, Kalithasan said ATLAS is now seeking to fill this gap with art and talent by creating a belvedere where Malaysian artists can share their distinctive artwork and get recognition.

Blockchain technology has recently gained tremendous popularity and completely revolutionized the industry. To recognize the work of the 13 local NFT artists and to encourage Malaysians to take an interest in NFTs, he said yesterday after the launch.

He stated that the initiative would also aim to recruit local artists by offering them a profit-sharing model in which all the revenue earned by these NFTs would be split among all the artists participating.

Proud to be part of the Atlas Asia project on First Malaysia’s NFT vending machine.

Do visit REXKL and show us some support Ya.

Selamat Hari Malaysia For our holder and everyone

— Gameware | UNST (@GamewareNFT) September 16, 2022

Since we are constantly adapting to meet the changing demands of our customers, ATLAS’s flexibility enables everyone to enjoy playing arcade games since we can operate beyond average.

Throughout Penang, artist Haizeel Hashnan, also known as Palempunk, displayed NFT artwork inspired by the ball game.

As he explained, “NFTs for ATLAS Vending emphasize local talent, and fans can appreciate these art pieces since they are closely linked to circadian activity and the nature of each state.”

In addition to the 13 Nintendo Switches, there are 46 baby admission prizes of limited-edition goods to win when you purchase these NFTs. From 59 prizes, 59 prizes will be randomly selected.


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