Australian Investor says Bitcoin Is Like a Ducati Panigale

Austrian investor – Ronald-Peter Stoeferle shared his point of view on Bitcoin and gold like assets Investment and claimed that Bitcoin’s price will be at a level in the next five year, where no one can imagine. 

Ronald-Peter Stoeferle  is an Australian investment expert and also Managing Partner and Fund Manager at Incrementum AG. 

Stoeferle shared his thoughts on crypto and gold assets in an interview with Kitco News.

According to Stoeferle, the price of Bitcoin can explode at a very high level in the incoming five years. 

“I think if bitcoin will be around in 5 to 10 years I think prices will go to levels that we cannot imagine at the moment.”

But still, Stoeferle expects that Austrian don’t believe crypto can’t flip fundamental Investment assets like gold. So According to Stoeferle, Gold will always remain the best and safest way of Investment. 

After that, Stoeferle compared Bitcoin and gold with two practical life vehicle examples which correlates perfectly, in our consideration also. 

According to Stoeferle, Gold is just like a big Volvo SUV that can help to move a person from one place to another place with full comfort. 

While crypto Investment is just like Ducati Panigale. That means it can also help you to move from one place to another with very fast speed but with that speed there are huge chances of risk. 

So here, Stoeferle supported both the Investment options and claimed that we have to go with both. 

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