Best Crypto Savings Accounts With Highest Interest 2021

Best Crypto Savings Accounts

High Interest Crypto Savings

Many crypto investors are looking for crypto savings account with a high interest rate. The crypto market changes fast and so does the rates, but there are still some crypto savings accounts that offer good rates.

In order to be able to save crypto long term, most crypto hodlers need a place where they can invest their coins in something profitable, safe and stable at the same time. Crypto savings accounts became popular lately as many of them offered really good rates in return for crypto deposits.

Some even offered zero fees on transactions!

We wanted to know what the best crypto savings accounts that offered highest interest. We analyzed crypto savings account rates according to crypto markets and the crypto market capitalization. We compared the crypto interest rate from crypto savings accounts with traditional bank savings accounts and share our findings below.

Our Top Picks

Cryptocurrency Savings Account Offering Highest Annual Interest

Crypto interest account

Crypto interest accounts are crypto savings accounts which provide crypto investors with the opportunity to invest their crypto or fiat assets in crypto lending platforms, stocks or crypto coins. Crypto lending platforms offer crypto interest rates from 3% up to 20%.

Crypto bank account

There are crypto banks that offer crypto saving accounts with crypto interest rates.

For example, Swiss crypto bank Vontobel invests crypto deposits in stocks or bonds and pays the crypto hodlers a high interest rate of up to 17% p.a. Some may consider this as one of the best crypto savings account options available on the market today.”

In order to make sure the crypto savings account is regulated and insured, it’s important to carefully read through all terms and conditions before making any deposits. Make sure you understand how crypto savings accounts work and if they’re really secure! It is also good practice to make sure that your crypto savings account allows you to move your digital assets whenever you want them back. If there are any crypto savings account crypto investors who had any problems withdrawing crypto deposits, please let us know in the comments below.

Now that crypto interest rates are growing, crypto savings accounts will become more and more popular on crypto markets. We expect to see even better crypto interest rates in the future!

As crypto is becoming an accepted currency worldwide by many governments and financial institutions it also becomes a viable option for long term investments as well as everyday transactions. As crypto market matures we are going to see more crypto products like crypto loans, stocks and digital assets.

How crypto savings accounts work

Crypto savings accounts offered by crypto banks are considered safe and insured. Crypto savers deposit their crypto coins in crypto bank account or crypto savings platform, the crypto bank earns interest on crypto deposits and pay crypto owners with a varying percentage every month.

Crypto interest rates explained

As cryptocurrencies mature there is more competition among crypto investors regarding interest rates on their digital assets.

One of the main crypto market factors that affect the crypto interest rates are crypto market capitalization. In order for a crypto bank to pay a decent crypto interest rate, it has to have an extensive portfolio which means having large amounts of money in deposits so assets are liquid. The state of the crypto economy also affects the earning potential from lending related investments involving cryptocurrencies such as stocks, bonds etc;

How to Get Started with a Crypto Savings Account

Crypto savings accounts can be crypto bank account offered by crypto banks or crypto saving platform. We have listed below our recommended crypto savings accounts offering highest annual interest and lowest fees. We also compared the crypto savings accounts based on security, customer service, reliability, and overall value offered.

Crypto Savings Accounts Vs. Regular Savings Accounts

Regular Savings Accounts

Regular savings accounts are offered by financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and brokerage firms. Financial institutions offer various types of regular savings accounts with varying interest rates. Examples of regular savings accounts include CDs (Certificate of Deposit), Savings Accounts, and Money Market Accounts.

Crypto Interest Rates

In crypto savings account crypto investors have their crypto coins deposited in crypto bank account or crypto saving platform, where the crypto bank has to invest crypto deposits in stocks or bonds to generate income for crypto owners. Crypto investors get a percentage of that monthly interest rate.

Crypto savings accounts work in a similar way to regular savings accounts. However, crypto savers deposit their crypto coins in crypto bank account and it earns interest on crypto deposits.

FDIC insurance: Banks have FDIC, which guarantees that even if your bank loans out the money you deposit into an account from their own funds, they will pay it back with interest. The downside is that there is a limit on how much you can get reimbursed by the FDIC in any given year.

Cryptocurrency savings accounts do not have FDIC insurance. As the cryptocurrency market is volatile, it’s possible for your investment value to decrease and you will lose money. For this reason, be sure to consider cryptocurrency savings accounts as an alternative investment account instead of a ‘savings’ account where you can store your funds in percentages guaranteed by the government

Should you “save” money in crypto savings accounts?

The answer to this question depends on what an individual’s goals are for that crypto fund. For example, if an individual wants the cryptocurrency for the purpose of an emergency fund then they may want to keep it stored in their crypto wallet rather than in a crypto savings account. If an individual is looking for a more long term investment then they would likely be better off storing their funds in a crypto savings account so that they can get crypto interest rates on their crypto funds.

If the crypto owner wants to spend cryptocurrency but still earn crypto interest rates then they would need crypto debit card which can be used to spend crypto funds as fiat currency at any POS terminal or online shopping.

Best Crypto Savings Accounts

We found the best crypto savings accounts in 2021.

If you are interested in crypto savings accounts we have compared crypto banks and crypto saving platforms, we have considered security measures, customer service, reliability of platform, and overall value offered. The top 10 crypto savings accounts listed below provide the best crypto interest rates currently available in the market:

The table below compares each crypto savings account by annual interest rate, daily compounding interest rate, minimum deposit amount needed to open an account with them, fees charged for having a crypto savings account with them, crypto currencies that they support as a crypto savings platform, and their main features.

Crypto Savings Account Interest Rates





Stable Coins


6 – 12%

Up to 10%

Up to 12%


3.2 – 6%


Up to 5%


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