Bitcoin trial: Freeman wants ankle monitor removed

CONCORD — Keene resident Ian Freeman wants the tracker device attached to his ankle removed while he awaits trial on money/Bitcoin laundering charges.

The lawyer for Freeman made the request in papers filed last week in U.S. District Court in Concord. Chichester defense lawyer Mark Sisti gives no reason for the request, which will have to be decided by District Court Judge Joseph Laplante.

Freeman also requested Laplante loosen his pretrial restrictions and allow him contact with some co-defendants and others connected to the case.

They include co-defendants Colleen Fordham, Aria DiMezzo and Nobody, formerly known as Rich Paul. Freeman is also forbidden contact with Michael Hampton, who performs IT work for Freeman’s church, Free Talk Live Production producer Mark Edgington, and Chris Reitmann, manager of the Mighty Moose Mart, which operates on property owned by the Free Shire Church.

“For the most part, they are business and church affiliated,” Sisti wrote.

All of the people mentioned in Freeman’s request would invite contact with him, Sisti wrote. Federal prosecutors disagree with any changes, according to the filings, but they have not submitted any filings.

Meanwhile, Laplante released Keene resident Nobody on strict bail conditions, including a $20,000 cash bail, drug testing, no posting to social media and a strict prohibition on alcohol and drug use.

Nobody, who was freed Sept. 1, was the last of the six New Hampshire residents whom the FBI arrested in March following a multiyear investigation into cash-for-Bitcoin swaps processed through four Keene-area churches associated with the defendants.

Prosecutors say scam victims from nearly every state in the country wired money to Freeman, his co-defendants or the four churches. Victims number into the hundreds, and their losses substantially exceed $10 million, prosecutors have said.


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