Boutique Crypto Asset Fund Launches Solana Investment Product in the US

Boutique digital assets firm announced to give option of Solana in their products to invest in the U.S. 

Solana in the present time is getting huge popularity and almost all the platforms want to engage their name with solana to gain some attention from the community. In the past one week, Solana surged by around 50% and currently the trade price of Solana is $192.5. Even Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of Cardano, talked about Solana for collaboration chances to work on the development of projects. 

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The boutique digital assets firm announced that they will allow their clients for the Solana Investment. 

Obviously, here Solana will be a product because no one fund manager firm can give direct digital assets buy/sell services as per rule of the Securities & Exchange Commission of the United States. 

According to the press release, Osprey Fund’s Solana Trust will give the option for their clients to invest a minimum $10,000. 

The chief executive of the New York City-based fund manager company, Greg King, said that Solana is unique in the crypto market and it is a potential competitor of the other assets. 

“Solana has the potential to become the rails of an integrated, decentralized financial network that establishes one global price for assets. With the debut of the Osprey Solana Trust, we are continuing to build onramps for investors to access what we believe are the most promising blockchain technologies.”

Here it should be noticed that, the Grayscale fund manager firm claimed that they will add a solana asset to offer a solana product for their clients.

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