Cardano founder reminded about a bet initiated by PolymarketHq

After the successful deployment of the Smartcontract feature on Cardano, Charles Hoskinson took the class of the big players who trolled and betted against Cardano for their smart contract. 

Last Sunday, Cardano successfully deployed Alonzo fork to enable the smart contract feature on the Cardano mainnet, but before the launch of Smart contract feature, many crypto players trolled Charles and Cardano project. 

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One of the player of crypto market, who trolled Cardano, was Through a tweet on 07/16/2021, @PolymarketHQ betted that Cardano can’t introduce smart contract feature on Cardano network. And betted for $50,000. 

And after that, Sandeepnailwal, founder of PolyNetwork and cryptorelief organization, supported the challenge of @PolymarketHQ against Cardano and said that he supports the bet with $20k.

Now, one of the Twitter users retweeted that tweet of Sandeepnailwal and said it’s your turn. This tweet is further retweeted by Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of Cardano and said that more donations are coming. 

Looks like we got another donation coming

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 14, 2021

Here obviously, Charles Hoskinson won the bet. Right now, around 11 hours ago, @PolymarketHQ donated $50,000 to the charity supported by Charles Hoskinson. And charles also confirmed through tweet 

So since @PolymarketHQ lost, they have to donate $50,000 to the charity of my choice. I thought about it and found a small one with a really good heart

— Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) September 13, 2021

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