Companies That Accept Crypto Payments

The growing number of investors warming up for crypto has seen the crypto industry grow by double digits over the years. With over 18000 businesses worldwide already accepting crypto as a mode of payment, it is no doubt that the crypto industry has become attractive to many investors.

Furthermore, doubling the global crypto users by double digitals in 2021 has pushed the number of active crypto users to a record 106 million. As such, many businesses are warming up to leverage the crypto market to get a conversion. This is because many crypto enthusiasts find it secure and fast to transact using their preferred digital currency. In this article, we highlight significant players that have already integrated crypto payment into their systems. The yuan pay group site has tons of information about bitcoin selling and buying.


Ranked one of the biggest companies in the US after Apple and Amazon, the one trillion-dollar company in market capitalization has fully embraced Bitcoin transactions. Users on the platform can easily purchase any product of their choice from the Microsoft store.

Whether you are looking for downloadable movies, digital games for Xbox consoles, or apps, you can easily buy Bitcoin. Though the tech giant has incorporated Bitcoin payment gateway into their systems, they don’t issue refunds. Otherwise, this is a step in the right direction.


Overstock is one of the major companies that started accepting crypto payments. The company supports many transactions, including Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Monero.

Unlike Microsoft that limits transactions to Bitcoin, Overstock allows users to buy jewelry, furniture, electronics, and other products using a wide range of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform.

 The retail giant is one of the major players that started allowing crypto enthusiasts to purchase products from the platform through a wide range of crypto.


Subway is a key entrant into the World of crypto. The first food giant allows customers to purchase food products of their choice from the outlet using bitcoin. Though only accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment, the first food outlet is set to integrate various crypto for their transactions.

Whether you need salad, breakfast sandwich, six-inch or foot long, you do not have to carry your Atm cards with you. All you need is to order and pay via your digital wallet.


Shopify is one of the major players that have entered the world of crypto. The e-commerce giant allows crypto enthusiasts to place and pay orders via crypto. The company introduced a Bitcoin payment gateway in 2013, and since then, it will enable customers to pay via Bitcoin across all its websites.

 All you need to do is inquire whether companies selling on the platform accept Bitcoin payment for you to make transactions. In that case, the merchant determines the mode of payment you should use in making transactions.

 So ensure you confirm whether the companies you are yet to purchase from accepting Bitcoin payments before making a transaction.

Dish network

Dish Network is another major entrant into the World of digital currency. The satellite Television provider has integrated Bitcoin payment into their payment gateway. In fact, Dish Network is the first Television subscription company to accept crypto payments. This gives television subscribers in the USA market an option to pay their subscriptions through Bitcoin.

Besides adding a Bitcoin payment option on the company website, you can generally pay through the standard payment options.

Final Thoughts

 The advent of cryptocurrency has dramatically impacted many sectors. As many people around the World continue embracing digital currencies, many sectors are gradually incorporating crypto payment gateways to leverage on the growing number of crypto enthusiasts. In that regard, we expect to see more sectors join the World of crypto. If you are a crypto enthusiast wondering how to spend your crypto, then it’s high time you consider the options highlighted in this article.

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