Crypto Could Become “Extremely Popular” in 5 Years : Visa CEO

The CEO of Visa shared his point of view on the crypto market and predicted two possibilities for the whole crypto market and indicated that we should be ready for the change. 

In the present time crypto is getting huge attention from the world. No doubt all the crypto traders in the present time are in the beginning phase of the crypto market and no one is sure how much regulation and how much restriction will be on crypto. Because on one side the crypto market is running forward to get into huge growth and on other side regulators don’t want to see this growing market and are trying to impose lots of restrictions. But still even in the present time, the crypto market has locked more than $3 trillion of funds which is at that level where Apple and Microsoft like companies are lagging behind. And on an average, around 10% of the population of the world knows about crypto and have investments. 

Alfred Kelly , CEO of Visa, on a podcast with “Leadership Next” talked about the future of the crypto market in the next five years. 

According to Kelly, the whole market of crypto is expanding day by day and this growth of the crypto market is clear indication that it can be extremely popular in the next five years. 

But beside the positive sides, Kelly said that there are equal chances for the crypto to flip against the growth and no deal in crypto. 

“Let’s say in five years, it was a fad and no big deal or will it be extremely popular? I’m not smart enough to know, but what I’m smart enough to do is make sure our company is in the middle of it today”

Obviously, Kelly has tension with the regulators, whether they will make it more legalised to use or will impose high restrictions in comparison with the stock market. 

At the end, Visa CEO claimed that they will not pick the losers or winners but they Know that they wout ahead of this and we exist in the middle of the crypto market future. 

Here we can assume that Visa CEO is skeptical about the future of Crypto but still they don’t want to miss the possible opportunity to expand their business in the crypto market. 

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