Dogecoin Co-Founder Strikes Back At Mozilla’s Environmental Concerns

The Dogecoin co-founder strikes back at Mozilla’s environmental concerns after the platform attracted the attention of the crypto community with its controversial new stance so let’s read more in today’s Dogecoin news.

After deciding to pause the digital asset donations last week after the backlash from one of the co-founders, Mozilla faced a lot of criticism from the crypto community. The Dogecoin co-founder strikes back at the foundation and was among the biggest commentators alleging Mozilla for succumbing to an ignorant internet mob. The Mozilla Foundation which is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization enabled crypto donations in 2014 but most recently it added the biggest meme coin by market cap-Dogecoin. The statement attracted attention from people engaged with the browser in the past or the organization behind it. Jamie Zawinsky who co-founded Mozilla was the biggest critique saying that those that made the decision should be ashamed to partner with “Ponzi Grifters.”

thank you for succumbing to an ignorant, reactionary internet mob

wait till them guys hear about the environmental cost of paper dollars and the entire banking infrastructure, i am sure they will have the same level of meltdown about their own constant environmental impact

— Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) January 7, 2022

Right after he said that the Mozilla Foundation published a Twitter thread explaining that it started a very important discussion about crypto’s environmental impact. The post asserted that Mozilla halted crypto donations for the time being. As DOGE was the epicenter of the online battle between Mozilla, the community, and the co-founder the meme coin creator still continues to be vocal. Shibetoshi Nakamoto also blasted Mozilla and had a lot to say for the co-founder calling him an ignorant internet mob. He also spoke about the environmental costs of paper dollars which Mozilla still accepts for donations as well as the entire banking infrastructure.

As recently reported, Mozilla cancels plans for a Bitcoin donation program and the decision came after a week of pushback from the open-source community. The main point of the criticism is the environmental impact of crypto. After a huge wave of criticism from the open-source community, Mozilla the company behind the Firefox browser announced that it paused accepting donations in crypto after an “important discussions” about its environmental impact of digital assets. The organization said it is reviewing how the current policy on crypto donations fits with the broader climate goals and it is pushing the ability to donate crypto for its 211 million active users. The backlash started at the end of 2021 when Mozilla posted a tweet reminding followers they can use crypto to make donations to the foundation.

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