Eternals │ Angelina Jolie’s character will suffer from memory loss in the film

Aside from the little that was shown in the trailers, we know very little about the history of Eternos , the new Marvel movie that hits theaters on November 4th. And behold, the film’s producer, Nate Moore, decided to lend a hand to fans and anticipate some of the events related to some of the new characters. An example of this is that we now know that the eternal Thena (Angelina Jolie) will be presented as someone who suffers from memory loss.

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According to him, this is not an amnesia, but a consequence of being someone basically immortal with 7,000 years of life. “She has a tragic history with something the movie calls Mahd Wy’ry,” explains Moore, referring to a kind of dementia that afflicts the Eternals in the comics. “Because of the amount of memories they hold, they become detached from their own minds. So, in Thena’s case, she starts to forget about now things.”

Thena will live in the middle of nowhere because she is too dangerous to be among humans (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

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This very peculiar characteristic of Angelina Jolie’s character will be explored from her relationship with another Eternal. From what has already been revealed, Thena is going to live with Gilgamesh (Don Lee) in the present and now we’ve finally figured out why they are so close. According to the producer, the hero will become a kind of protector for Thena. “They’re living in the middle of nowhere in Australia because it’s too dangerous to be among humans,” he reveals.

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Thus, that scene presented in the trailer that had the character conjuring her weapons may well represent one of the moments when she starts delirious with something from the past and prepares for a battle that doesn’t exist — until, at some point, the confrontation with the Deviant it really happens. So much so that we already know that she and the villain Kro will meet at some point .

The character’s story will be tragic, second producer (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

In addition, the confirmation that the disease of the Eternals will be present in the film opens up the possibility for some unexpected twists until then. In the comics, Mahd Wy’ry has appeared a few times, being commonly referred to as the “Madness of the Eternals”. Interestingly, there is a cure for it, but it involves killing the sick entity so that it is reborn with a clean memory—almost like making a backup backup after formatting the individual.

It is not yet known whether the film will approach this concept in this peculiar way as in comic books, but it is interesting to see that there is a concern to show that these almost divine entities from Marvel will be presented as flawed beings – and this opens up several narrative possibilities for the plot.

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