F1 Team McLaren Launched An NFT Platform On Tezos

The popular F1 team McLaren launched an NFT platform on Tezos, joining the craze by launching its own digital art collection on the popular blockchain so let’s read more in our latest Tezos news today.

The British motor racing F1 team McLaren announced the launch of its non-fungible tokens platform where the fans and art collectors are able to buy digital collectibles. The new endeavor is built on the popular Tezos blockchain. As per the press release, the NFT platform dubbed McLaren Racing Collective will serve as a way for the fans and supporters to own a piece of the motor racing giant. The first NFT drop will feature different digital parts of the MCL35M 2021 formula 1 race car that is built from the official McLaren Racing CAD that the fans and collectors are able to purchase. Commenting on the launch, Lindsey Eckhouse who is the director at McLaren racing said:

“We are excited to launch McLaren Racing Collective, which allows us to engage our fans in an innovative new space. Through NFTs built on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, we are creating new ways to evolve our fan experience, and a bespoke McLaren Racing digital collectible marketplace provides people with a brand new way to connect with our team.”

To mark to launch of the McLaren Racing Collectibles platform, the team decided to gift the first digital part of the race car to the first 5000 fans that will join the platform. The collectors can purchase the remaining parts until they get all the 22 components needed to assemble the model of the car. McLaren Racing plans to release these digital collectibles in five stages with each phase consisting of four different parts while the initial drop will be available on October 24. the first collector to assemble the model of the race car will be privileged to go on a VIP tour for the 2022 Formula 2 Grand Prix.

To support the crypto projects while still providing the best digital collecting experience, the McLaren Racing Collective platform is built using the Tezos blockchain network that was integrated into leading enterprise NFT solutions provider Sweet. This means that with the release of the McLaren digital collectibles, the team will join the list of top Sweet partners worldwide. McLaren also noted that the collectibles drop will be the first event of its kind as it hopes to integrate the NFT marketplace into the long-term fan engagement strategy.

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