Insane signing up to waitlist temporarily broke Coinbase

Coinbase is getting huge waitlist sign up for the early access to the NFTs Marketplace experience. The Coinbase team said that it broke the site temporarily.

Recently, Coinbase exchange announced that they will launch Coinbase NFTs marketplace that will allow the facility for the global users to use for the NFTs trade, mint and all possible things. And also Coinbase said that they will support Ethereum Network based NFTs tokens like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards. 

Coinbase offered their customers to sign-up for the early access of their NFTs Marketplace, so that the team can check all possible bugs in the initial phase. But here the Coinbase team found that there is rapid sign up happening at their platform and that makes Coinbase unresponsive against the signup process.

At the time of writing this article, around more than 1.1 million users sign up for the waitlist to access the NFTs marketplace of Coinbase exchange.

Thanks for your patience everybody – for the last few hours, we have ramped up and scaled things for you to be able to sign up for the NFT marketplace.

See you there!

— Sanchan S Saxena (@sanchans) October 13, 2021

After the announcement of the coinbase NTfs marketplace, many experts predicted that Coinbase’s entry in the NFTs marketplace will create a big competition for the other well established NFTs marketplace like OpenSea. 

Here the current engagement of the Coinbase users clearly shows how much competition is going to be create against NFTs crypto platforms. 

If we take an overall look at OpenSea then there are around 260,000 users in a month and they conduct around 2.49 million transactions, according to DappRadar reports.

So even if 8.8 only active users of coInbase will enter in the Coinbase marketplace then surely coinbaseNFTs will touch a new milestone in the crypto industry. 

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