Investigations against GAS Consulting may be harmed

Investigations by GÁS Consultoria may be hampered by an administrative proceeding by the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP).

Investigations hampered by controversies regarding the Lava Jato operation

Disciplinary action by the CNMP may lead to the removal of some prosecutors who are involved in the investigation by GÁS Consultoria.

The company is accused of a financial pyramid with cryptocurrencies in RJ, and was implicated in the largest seizure of cryptocurrencies in the history of Brazil, as reported by Underground economy.

A report by the newspaper Extra said on Monday that the CMNP will define by Tuesday whether it will accept a request to open a disciplinary administrative proceeding against eleven public prosecutors.

In addition to participating in the investigations against the cryptocurrency company, the prosecutors are part of the Lava-Jato task force team in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The wanted are being accused of breach of confidentiality regarding the participation of former senators Romero Jucá and Edison Lobão.

Politicians were being implicated in an alleged scheme to receive bribes, referring to the construction of the Angra 3 nuclear power plant in Rio de Janeiro.

The former senators are being accused by these eleven prosecutors of receiving illegal money.

It was R$9,2 million in the case of Jucá and R$1,3 million in the case of Lobão. The defense of Lobão and Jucá is contesting the complaint that was filed in March of this year, because it used confidential references that were made during the investigations.

Daniel Sarmento, who is one of the attorneys’ attorneys, questions the alleged breach of confidentiality and told Extra’s report:

“The intention of punishing 11 prosecutors with the dismissal of XNUMX prosecutors for the simple release of a press release, referring to a complaint that deals with a subject of clear public interest: possible corruption of senators in public works, violates the Constitution. The mistakes made by the Lava Jato de Curitiba have nothing to do with this case.”

Dismissal of wanted may affect investigation

The national inspector of the CNMP, Rinaldo Lima Reis, received the request of two former senators and in his opinion asked for the resignation of the eleven prosecutors.

If the board wants to proceed with the process, the prosecutors will be removed from their duties.

Thus, the decision, if confirmed, will considerably affect “Operation Kryptos”.

The operation uncovered an alleged financial pyramid scheme organized under the cover of BTC investments.

This administrative disciplinary process may affect the course of ongoing investigations.

The scheme’s leaders are being charged with the crime of clandestine financial institution mismanagement, illegal issuance of unregistered securities, money laundering and criminal organization.

“Operation Kryptos” resulted in the largest seizure of cryptocurrencies in the country and the arrest of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos and Tunay Pereira Lima.

Glaidson’s wife Mirelis Zerpa was named in the investigations as financial manager of GAS Bitcoin and is still at large.

Vicente Gadelha Rocha Neto, who is also a fugitive, would also have R$ 20 million in his possession.

The purpose of “Operation Kryptos” is to seek and repatriate an amount equivalent to R$1,2 billion in cryptocurrencies.

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