Spruce’s vision getting support of Ethereum Foundation

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) are supporting the Spruce’s vision to introduce a high level privacy of the users identity and security during sign-in. 

In The present time of the online world, if anything is in online mode then that is not secured and all data & privacy of the users tracked and stored by platforms but here, Spruce is ready to introduce it’s vision to make the data and privacy Decentralized. 

The vision proposed by the Spruce is getting huge support from the community and also it is getting back support from the  The Ethereum Foundation (EF) and Ethereum Name Service (ENS). 

Right now ENS and EF have been supporting Spruce since July, because after the requests of ENS and EF, Spruce’s planning was accepted. The proposed plan of Spruce is to give a sign-in package using Oauth — an open standard for access delegation.

On 13 September, an announcement was made and confirmed that Spruce purpose will give a better alternative and best option to protect the data of users in the Decentralized mode. And the features that users will get like Google, Apple, and Facebook platforms to store the identities. 

That means, privacy of personal data, without the involvement of third-party. 

According to Spruce, the Ethereum ecosystem is already in use by more than 10 million active users, which are using the cryptography key method for financial transactions, community governance. And also further they added 

“The security of these wallets has been proven across billions of dollars of digital assets at stake — not theoretical security, but real tests in production. These secure wallets can also be used to sign in to Web2 services.”

Now, Spruce will have a full collaborative approach with the ENS and EF to make their vision better to implement in the practical use and enhance the potential. While Spruce claimed that they already tested their proposed system, they are not under theoretical vision.

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