Visa Brings First Solana Project To Fintech Fast Track Program

Visa brings first Solana project to its Fintech fast track program dubbed Payroll protocol Zebec as we can see more today in our latest blockchain news.

Zebec is a programmable cash stream protocol partnered with Visa to join the Fintech Fast Track Program. As per the press release that we have today, Zebec is the first Solana-based project that is acceptable to the Visa program which supported companies like chime,, and Stripe. Despite being one of the giants of the financial system, Visa is one of the few financial companies that welcomed crypto with open arms. Visa brings first Solana project to its Fintech fast track program after it saw a huge success in the crypto-linked cards in 2021 and has been investing heavily in crypto payment companies over the past few months.

Its program was designed to provide innovative fintech companies with the tools needed to speed up the growth and pioneer new models of commerce. Since its inception, it incubated payment platforms like Chime, Stripe, and Now the program onboarded the first Solana-based project which is a programmable cash stream protocol dubbed Zebec. Terry Angelos as the SVP and Global Head of Crypto at Visa said that Fast Track enables visa to provide growing companies with the needed resources they need to scale with efficiency. He said in a press release:

“By joining Visa’s Fast Track program, exciting Fintechs like Zebec Protocol gain unprecedented access to Visa experts, technology, and resources.”

Zebec is riding the wave of the power growth of the digital economy and Web3 over the past year and the protocol introduces a programmable money stream protocol that makes it simple for anyone to send and receive cash. Zebec Pay is the first application of the protocol and it is a tax-compliant processing system that enables employees to be paid by the second in USDC or other stablecoins. Sam Thapaliya as the founder and CEO of Zebec said:

“From payroll to investments, subscriptions, rewards and more, Zebec is completely reimagining every financial transaction by making it programmable and continuous. We’re thrilled to join with Visa to accelerate the process of bringing our innovative payment solutions to millions of users worldwide.”

The expansion into the Visa program comes after Zebec recieved $6 million in new funding from Shima Capital, Republic Capital, Breyer Capital, and other investors.

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