xtingles To Drop Its First ASMR NFT “Free Like A Butterfly” On September 16

On Sept. 16, xtingles will be dropping its first ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) NFT dubbed “Free Like a Butterfly.” The mobile-first platform dedicated to storing audio-visual ASMR art on blockchain together with NFTs will also launch its ASMR NFT marketplace on the same day. “Free Like a Butterfly” will be the genesis ASMR NFT drop on xtingles NFT marketplace, ushering in new opportunities.

“Free Like a Butterfly” is an art piece that delivers the concept of freeing oneself, says Andrew Fai, xtingles’ Chief Visionary Officer. Utilizing ASMR’s unique features, the collectible enables its holder to break away from the world’s constraints and become who they are. Pre-launch listeners have likened “Free Like a Butterfly” to floating weightlessly into the clouds and feeling like nothing is impossible.

Importantly, “Free Like a Butterfly” will go for a mint price of 29 FUSD (a stablecoin on the Flow Blockchain that is pegged 1:1 to the greenback). Anyone owning a credit or debit card has the chance to purchase in. xtingles also announced that the drop will be available from Sept. 16 at 11 AM EST to Sept. 21 at 11 AM EST. It was deemed necessary that the offer runs through five days since most buyers do not hold FUSD. That, in addition to Moonpay’s mandatory KYC (know your customer) process and at least 10 minutes of verification time may delay users in acquiring FUSD.

Moreover, most NFTs are associated with the fear of missing out (FOMO) and unreasonable gas fees. These features are quite unsustainable, according to xtingles. Rather than bringing on worry and anxiety, xtingles emphasizes a fun and enjoyable experience for the diverse collectors participating in their favorite ASMR NFT drops.

ASMR built on the platform are referred to as Tings and they are bought, sold, and traded on the xtingles marketplace. Users can support their favorite artists by collecting their Tings. Additionally, creators wishing to mint on xtingles and thereafter work with the company’s visual and auditory team to develop a Ting that is ready for the marketplace. Other than the initial sale revenue, creators get to earn a passive income through secondary Ting sales royalties.

The mission at xtingles is to deliver ASMR to 1 billion people, whereas its vision is to develop a community-first ASMR metaverse. All events and developments work towards achieving these goals.

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